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Vision & Mission Statement



At St Therese’s Catholic Primary School we aspire to follow the teachings of Jesus to develop compassionate members of the global community who will embrace wisdom, lead innovation and be inspired by St Therese to make a difference by doing little things for others.


At St Therese's Catholic Primary School
We Make Jesus Real;
We follow the charism of Nano Nagle;
We do Manners, We do Respect, We play Nicely, We Learn;
We actively encourage Growth and Reflective Mindsets;
We foster Belong, Connecting. Learning within and outside the school community;
We emphasise the value of individuality and encourage students to reach their full potential.

St Therese’s Catholic Primary School is a small school situated in the rural community of Monto, within the Diocese of Rockhampton. The school caters for students from Prep (Preparatory Year) to Year Six. Our school has strong links with the St Therese’s Parish community.

We encourage all members of the school community to have a faith-filled commitment to the teachings of Jesus Christ. As a community we strive to create an environment dedicated to enriching the development of the social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual capabilities of each individual.

Our beliefs about learners and learning are informed by the Diocesan Learning Framework. Through the implementation of an Inclusive Curriculum, we endeavour to develop lifelong learners who:

  • value and encourage each others special talents;
  • use Christian values to shape their lives;
  • contribute to the life of the parish and their communities.

St Therese’s supports the philosophy of an integrated approach to curriculum. We share a belief that this approach to learning will:

  • Be an effective means of creating a greater sense of purpose in the learning process by making clear connections between the key learning areas;
  • Guide learners towards a positive and real life experience of the world.

Our Mission Statement is the very essence of our vision – making this statement a living and visible presence in the everyday life of the school.

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