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St Therese's Catholic School Monto | Prep - Year 6



All Year 6 students are leaders and learn a number of leadership skills in their final year of primary school. Currently at St Therese’s Catholic Primary School a voting system is in place for Year 5 students to a variety of formal positions of responsibility in their last year of school, Year 6. These positions are filled in Term 4 for the following year. Year 5 students must fight for their positions as a means of demonstrating their ability to be elected for a particular position.

·    SCHOOL CAPTAINS are elected by those whom they will serve.

·    SPORTS HOUSE CAPTAINS are elected by members of the Sports Houses.


The format of this leadership model is determined from year to year and at the discretion of the Principal.

St Therese's Catholic School Monto | Prep - Year 6


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