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Diocesan Catholic Education Office

The Diocese of Rockhampton covers an area of approximately 415 000 square kilometres. The Diocese stretches from Bundaberg in the South to Mackay in the North and West to Longreach and beyond to the Northern Territory border. Bishop Brian Heenan was ordained as bishop of the Diocese of Rockhampton in 1991.

In keeping with the vision of the Second Vatican Council the Diocese articulates a vision of pastoral ministry. The Vision Statement of the Diocese emphasises the values, beliefs and quality of relationships which bring about the authentic living out of this Vision:

"As a community of believers,
we live out the call of Baptism through personal faith in Jesus,
witnessing together to the Good News of the Kingdom"

Ministry of Education in the Diocese

The Diocesan Catholic Education Office is a Ministry of the Catholic Diocese of Rockhampton, from which it derives its purpose and meaning. The Diocesan Catholic Education Office plays an essential role in the Church's mission, to live the challenge of the Gospel and to be welcoming and inclusive of all. The Mission of the Diocesan Catholic Education Office is encapsulated in the following Statement:

"As part of our search for 'Meaning for Life'
all involved in Catholic Education and Faith Formation
from birth to death,
accept a call from God to serve the communities
of the Diocese of Rockhampton."

The Diocesan Catholic Education Office was opened in 1966 and was the First Catholic Education Office in Queensland. Prior to this various priests had toured the Diocese as Inspectors of Religious Education in schools. The Rev Dr Cecil Ballard was appointed as the First Director 1966 - 1975. After Dr Ballard's death in 1975, Rev Dr Kevin Castles was appointed as the Second Director 1975 - 1988. When Dr Castles retired from the position Mr Joe McCorley was appointed as the Third Director of Catholic Education for the Rockhampton Diocese 1988 - 2001. Mr McCorley accepted the position of Executive Director for Queensland Catholic Education Commission in early 2001 and in July of that same year Miss Leesa Jeffcoat was appointed the Fourth and Current Director for Catholic Education in the Rockhampton Diocese.

The Diocesan Catholic Education Office covers three areas of Ministry; Catholic Schools, Adult Faith Education and Formation and Religious Education in State Schools.

St Therese's Catholic School Monto | Prep - Year 6


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