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Medication - Administration to Students

A school medical form is to be completed by the parent/carer at the beginning of each year and updated when needed to be. A formal letter from the doctor is needed for prescribed medication. All medicine must be labelled by the pharmacy.


Where a serious accident/ailment has occurred, the school’s first priority is for the medical attention and welfare of the person injured or in medical need. If the incident is serious enough to warrant a call to the ambulance for a child, the school will do this prior to calling the parent/carer.  All phone contact numbers should be updated and emergency numbers added.


Health regulations require that a child with head lice be excluded until treatment has been completed.  Please advise the school if and when you discover head lice on your child. Treatment should begin immediately. If the child has headlice at school, the school will contact the parent to take the child home for hair lice treatment. A letter will be sent out from the office to alert all parents to check their child’s head for head lice.

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