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St Therese's Catholic School Monto | Prep - Year 6



Catholic schools are all about family and therefore a sense of partnership between home and school is considered vital. When parents, carers, families and teachers share in the common vision of the school, the effectiveness of the school and the child’s experience is greatly enhanced.

Our Catholic schools pride themselves on being welcoming and inclusive communities and parents are strongly encouraged to become involved in the life of the school. Often by doing this, support networks and friendships are formed which enrich family life.

There are various ways in which parents and carers can become involved in the school community:

  • Parent-teacher communication

  • Voluntary support activities eg: tuckshop, library, working bees, excursions

  • Classroom activities and celebrations

  • Attending school liturgies and events eg: fetes, sporting carnivals

  • Parents and Friends Association

  • School Board

  • Other committees


A Blue Card may be required and/or Volunteer/Parent/Carer Inductions. Please check-in at the office administration to see what the requirements are.

St Therese's Catholic School Monto | Prep - Year 6


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