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Regretfully fees are a necessary fact of life for schools such as ours. Our system gets some funds from the State Government and greater support from the Federal Government. Our school must provide very detailed accountability records to the Federal Government in order to gain and maintain that support.

Fees are determined by the Diocesan Educational Council, following consultation with all school communities. The details of these costs are available from the office or are enclosed in an enrolment package.

Catholic Education has processes in place for families struggling to pay the structured school fees. Assistance is available for families in this situation however, arrangements must be organised with the Principal to determine the appropriate assistance for a particular family. This process is confidential.


Diocesan School Fees A fee schedule is published annually – if you would like to receive a copy please contact the School. Fees are the same for all schools in the Rockhampton Diocese. The Diocese are sincere in its efforts to keep fees down, and it is important to note that our Diocesan schedule compares more than favourably with other areas in Queensland and Australia.

It surprises many parents to learn – when one does a quick calculation on the total fees being collected by the school in a year from our families – that these represent only a very small fraction of the cost of the system providing staff and other services to our school (eg library, cleaning, specialist and other support services)

Primary Levy This covers general resources etc. (It does not include excursion costs) This is set at $70 per child per year and is payable first term or by arrangement with the Principal.

Technology Levy – The technology levy is used for Capital Technology Purchases. The levy is set at $80.00 per child per year and $130 for 2 or more children in the family per year. This is payable first term or by arrangement with the Principal.

Diocesan School Building Fund Donation –

The Diocese of Rockhampton has established School Building Funds which will be used to fund construction and maintenance costs for each school across the Diocese. You will appreciate that there is a substantial cost to the Diocese in maintaining and developing the existing school structure. Each family is asked to make a regular donation of $80.00 per term to the Fund in association with their regular payment of school fees. If families have children at primary and secondary schools, the donation is to be made at the primary school only. All donations to the fund will be tax deductible under the Income Tax Assessment Act. As 80% of capital projects are eligible, a tax deduction of 80% is allowable.

Donations to this fund go directly to the Diocesan Catholic Education Office (DCEO). The school merely acts as an agent for the DCEO in this matter. This is the same in all diocesan schools. The school must make up any difference from its own funds, to the Diocese, for any fees not paid by parents to this fund.

Our school has been very fortunate of late due to the construction of the new Prep/Year 1 classroom, the covered area and the refurbishment of the other classrooms. This is what the Diocesan School Building Fund contributes to in our schools. Thank You for your support!


It is important that parents are also aware that the school must pay most of the calculated fees to the Diocese irrespective of whether the parents pay or cannot do so. Our school community is serious in its commitment to the Mission Statement. We do appreciate and in no way make light of the sacrifices many families have to make to keep their children at a Catholic school.

Our school has established a Catholic Education Assistance Fund (CEAF) to provide assistance for families where personal circumstances make it difficult to pay all or part of the school fees. Further information is available upon request. We will attempt to provide assistance we can to genuine families and all that is necessary is for you make initial contact with the principal (in confidence) about the situation. If, however, you can afford to pay the fees but will simply choose not to do so then non-payment – in other than genuine cases – places a double burden on our school.

The above details are provided in the hope that all parents will have some ‘mental map’ of where money comes from and goes. Please don’t hesitate to contact the Principal if you have any queries about the payment of school fees.

St Therese's Catholic School Monto | Prep - Year 6


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